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Monya Grana

Monya Grana "Hybla" is a brand of luxury handbags crafted Baroque style.
Symbol of the creations are MONYA GRANA masks carved a time on balconies and facades noble witnesses of that art baroque somewhat ' mocking and grotesque, that still seems to be so relevant.


Brand created by the homonymous founder , Monya Grana, daughter and granddaughter of entrepreneurs . The passion for fashion and love for his homeland , Sicily, magical land of the Viceroys and the Gattopardo , led her to create something truly unique: the "ladies Bags", bags of daily elegance, caskets containing all gold culture.
"The adventure was born from my personal need" confesses Monya Grana, "that is, by necessity in my constant trips to have with me a piece of my land, my heritage, of which I had a lot of melancholy. So I decided to make something that you can take with me, an accessory that would contain all the culture and charm of my Sicily, to no longer feel so far away from home and at the same time to let the world know the beauty of my country."


The masks represented are not therefore the result of invention but are taken from real faces baroque engraved on the balconies of nobility. Select from hundreds of different types and partially softened in the features, once chosen, is attributed to each of them their own meaning, its symbol, the soul of the mask that seems to make it come alive, real.
"As a child, when my grandfather took me by the hand through the streets of the center, I was afraid of these grotesque faces, animalistic" Monya confides, "I saw them in their expressions so real that I felt their prey while I passed under. But the more they feared, most intrigued me more and I fell in love ... "
Dating back to the seventeenth century, the masks are typically Baroque style ornaments. Born from the imagination of artists and stonemasons of undoubted talent who through their imagination of popular culture gave several allegorical messages to their creations. Disfigured faces, mocking, grotesque, then, that are inspired by zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and hybrid fantasy. They therefore represent the implementation of human fears, such as fear of the unknown or the fight against evil, which is the face of the company on the uncertainty of life. Their function? To remove or undo negative influence.


Monya GRANA is thus not simply a collection of bags of high level, but a project where fashion meets art and culture, all in the name of Made in Italy 100%.
The materials used are in fact all made in Italy and high quality, mainly from Tuscany, chosen among the most sought after and distinctive, such as fabrics and leathers plotted sophisticated. The design of the models takes place in Sicily, while the factory in Florence, the main center where creations are born of the major brand made in Italy.


The brand caters to a woman of Baroque style, namely a woman who keeps the beauty beyond her beauty; a woman who likes to keep the values of the past, a strong woman, independent, bold, tough, free of any scheme, incredibly passionate. A woman who likes to constantly rediscover, reinvent, and treasure in itself all the beauty and elegance of her being a woman. The brand is the medium-high, as the manufacturing and quality of materials used, as well as having value representative of an art form.
The collections carry accordingly a clear message, namely that there can be beauty beyond beauty itself. For beauty it means an artistic beauty, creative, like baroque art, therefore beyond the unique beauty of each model creations MONYA GRANA conceal a beauty far greater that is representational art. But also means an inner beauty, mood: as goodness, grace, the simplicity, the main sources, expression of class, elegance, or beauty that never fade, that never go out of fashion, but of living beyond all time.


Note, appreciated and chosen by VIPs from around the world, the designer handbags MONYA GRANA appear to be increasingly involved in major events such as the Venice, Rome & Taormina Film Festival, parading on the red carpet wearing a celebrity of international and present in major fashion magazines, becoming increasingly sought after both in Italy and abroad.